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Installation of Free Pascal on a AmigaOS 4 machine

You need:


  • Unpack the archive file to a temp folder (not RAM: because usually it will be too big)
  • Start the installer follow instructions
  • Restart Amiga

Crosscompile from Linux

Docker container

There is a ready to use docker container with Free Pascal and Lazarus

  • Download archive [1]
  • follow instructions inside the archive

Create cross compiler

This section describe how the Free Pascal compiler with all units can be created under a linux system. This could be important if you start without a working Free Pascal at Amiga.

  • A working linux system (CPU is not important, i386 and x64 tested other platform might work)
  • Latest stable Free Pascal compiler for your Linux (atm. Version = 3.2) (e.g. at Ubuntu/Debian apt-get install fpc)
  • You need a the AmigaOS4 binutils e.g. Cross binutils vasm/vlink
  • Get the latest Free Pascal source
  • A folder fpc is created with the sources inside, change to the folder
cd fpc
  • Now everything is set for make the compiler, we choose zipinstall to create directly a packed version fpc-3.3.1.powerpc-amiga.tar.gz
make zipinstall CPU_TARGET=powerpc OS_TARGET=amiga
In case opting for the vasm/vlink binutils (instead of the gnu binutils):
make zipinstall CPU_TARGET=powerpc OS_TARGET=amiga CROSSOPT="-XV -Avasm"
  • now you have a complete archive with the Amiga freepascal compiler with all units and some utilities