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List of available units per platform:
Unit Category OS3.x OS4.x AROS MorphOS Remark(s)
agraphics graphics.library yes yes yes yes
ahi ahi.device yes no MAG yes
ahi_sub ahi_sub.library yes no no no
akeyboard keyboard.device yes no test test
amarquee amarquee.library yes n/a n/a n/a
amigados dos.library yes yes yes yes
amigaguide amigaguide.library yes no MAG no No use though, AROS' lib functions are not implemented
amigalib amigalib yes no test yes Unit amigalib has it's own status page, AmigaLib (deprectaed fpc 3.1.1, revision 36777/36778
amigaprinter printer.device yes no test test
aroslib aros.library n/a n/a yes n/a
asl asl.library yes yes yes yes
audio audio.device yes no MAG no
bootblock bootblock.device yes no no no
bullet bullet.library yes no no no
cd cd.device yes no no no
clipboard clipboard.device yes yes yes yes
colorwheel colorwheel.gadget yes no no no
commodities commodities.library yes no yes test
configregs see expansion yes no test test
configvars see expansion yes no test test
console console.device yes yes test test
conunit console.device yes no test test
cgxvideo no no no yes Recently added to MorphOS by Chain-Q
cybergraphics cybergraphics.library yes yes yes yes Recently added to MorphOS by Chain-Q
datatypes datatypes.library yes yes test yes Unit source (AROS) is still a bit of a mess. Amiga version needs an overhaul (no PObject_ being used where it should -> concerns most if not all of declared functions).
diskfont diskfont.library yes yes yes test A diskfont unit was added to MorphOS by Chain-Q
exec exec.library yes yes yes yes MorphOS: noticed some things missing in comparison to SDK 3.9 (this is meant as a reminder to verify this unit)
expansion expansion.library yes no test test
expansionbase see expansion yes no test test
gadtools gadtools.library yes no yes test
gameport gameport.device yes no no no
get9 ? n/a n/a n/a yes silly MorphOS-only historic .library, Pascal interface unit exist as a joke, ignore this :)
gradientslider gradientslider.gadget yes no no no
gtlayout gtlayout.library yes no no no
guigfx guigfx.library yes no no no
hardblocks hardblocks.device yes no no no
hardware hardware.resource yes no yes yes
icon icon.library yes yes yes test
identify identify.lbrary yes no no no
iffparse iffparse.library yes yes yes yes
input input.device yes no test test
inputevent see input.device yes yes yes yes
intuition intuition.library yes yes yes yes
keymap keymap.library yes yes yes yes
kvm ? n/a n/a n/a n/a This unit is now dropped. It was a helper unit for the KVM stuff, but it's no longer used, and it doesn't provide any other useful functionality. It's "API" was never meant for public use either. The idea was, mouse unit could be used w/o the video and keyboard, and doesn't depend on each other. But it doesn't really matter any more. I removed it from trunk.
layers layers.library yes yes yes yes
locale locale.library yes yes yes yes
lowlevel lowlevel.library yes no MAG no
lucyplay lucyplay.library yes no no no
mui muimaster.library yes yes yes yes Also for Zune.
mysticview mysticview.library yes no no no
nonvolatile nonvolatile.library yes no no no
parallel parallel.device yes no no no
picasso96api picasso library yes yes n/a n/a MorphOS and AROS don't have Picasso96 support.
preferences preferences.library yes no n/a no
prefs see preferences yes no test test
prtbase printer.device yes no no no
prtgfx ? yes no no no
ptreplay ptreplay.library yes no MAG no
realtime realtime.library yes no no no
render render.library yes no no no
reqtools reqtools.library yes no MAG no
rexx rexxsyslib.library yes no test test
romboot_base yes no no no
scsidisk scscidisk.device yes no no no
serial serial.device yes yes no no
tapedeck tapedeck.gadget yes no no no
timer timer.device yes yes yes yes
tinygl tinygl library n/a n/a n/a yes TinyGL is MorphOS specific and the unit there is only used to get the OpenGL package of FPC running.
trackdisk trackdisk.device yes no no no
translator translator.library yes no no no
triton triton.library yes no no no
tritonmacros macros for triton yes no no no
ttengine ttengine.library yes no MAG no
utility utility.library yes yes yes yes
workbench workbench.library yes yes yes test
xadmaster xadmaster.library yes no MAG no
zlib zlib.library yes no no no
Unit Category OS3.x OS4.x AROS MorphOS Remark(s)
amigautils amigautils yes no no no Should be moved to ami-extra when it's verified it works elsewhere and contains no deprecated code.
amsgbox msgbox yes yes yes yes moved to ami-extra
cliputils clipboard helper yes yes yes yes moved to ami-extra
consoleio crt using console yes no no no
deadkeys console deadkeys yes no no no
doublebuffer yes no no no
easyasl easyasl.library yes no no no
hisoft yes no no no Should be moved to ami-extra when it's verified it works elsewhere and contains no deprecated code.
linklist yes no no no Should be moved to ami-extra when it's verified it works elsewhere and contains no deprecated code.
longarray yes no yes no deprecated do not use
muihelper see mui.library yes yes yes yes moved to ami-axtra. contains some Pascal syntax-sugar and helpers for writing MUI code.
pastoc yes no no no This is deprecated, and must *not* be ported to other platforms.
pcq yes yes yes yes Moved to ami-extra
tagsarray yes no yes no deprecated. do not use. implementation is not thread safe, at least on classic.
timerutils yes no no no Should be moved to ami-extra when it's verified it works elsewhere.
vartags yes no no no
wbargs yes no no no