Introduction to MorphOS

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If you are a Free Pascal programmer that landed here but never heard of MorphOS before, then you might have a few questions. This page tries to answer some of those questions in a somewhat organized matter.

What is MorphOS ?

MorphOS is an Amiga-like Operating system, capable of running on classic Amiga (with expansion) and/or dedicated PowerPC hardware. It is a modernized upgraded version of the classic Amiga 3.x operating system.

What is the relation between MorphOS and Amiga ?

MorphOS is one of the successors of the Amiga Operating System and as such has API compatibility.

What license does MorphOS use ?

MorphOS is a proprietary closed source Operating System which requires a license that can be purchased from the MorphOS website.

What hardware does MorphOS support ?

There is a fair amount of hardware available that is capable of running MorphOS, although restricted (red: find/use a more positive word) to a PowerPC processor. MorphOS can also be run inside an emulator such as winUAE or inside virtualization software such as Qemu (red: was that proven to work ? is it available for normal end-users ?).

For more information regarding supported hardware, please see this page.

Where can I find/download MorphOS ?

The MorphOS website can be found here, and there is a time-limited demo of MorphOS available here. The time related restrictions can be lifted by purchasing a license.