Amiga OS4 Programs

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A list of applications and games made with Free Pascal for Amiga OS 4.x

GUI Utilities:

  • Mapparium [1] (GUI: LCL)
Openstreetmap viewer
Openstreetmap viewer
Test your GPS device and record tracks
A spreadsheet tool with import/export for Openoffice and Excel
A norton/midnight commander clone for all amiga systems
  • AskYourAmiga [5] (GUI: MUIClass)
Wolfram Alpha search client
  • HEX2 [6] (GUI: MUIClass)
a calculator with variables support
  • MUIPlot [7] (GUI: MUIClass)
a simple function plotter
  • AmiTube [8] (GUI: MUIClass)
The first YouTube Client for Amiga


A little game with colors. The aim is to fill the complete board with the same color, by changing the flood color.
A Minesweeper clone