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Link on library points to the original documentation of AROS autodocs

Link on Unit point to automatically generated documentation of freepascal units.

AROS Libraries wrapper for Freepascal
Unit Name Link to AROS Library Link to Unit Package Remarks
Exec exec.library exec arosunits Rewrite done, Documentation nearly finished
AmigaDos dos.library amigados arosunits Rewrite done, Documentation done. Name change because colliding with RTL dos
AGraphics graphics.library agraphics arosunits Rewrite done, Documentation done. Name change because colliding with LCL graphics
Intuition intuition.library intuition arosunits Rewrite done (some macros impossible), Documentation finished
KeyMap keymap.library keymap arosunits
Layers layers.library layers arosunits
Utility utility.library utility arosunits Rewrite done, Documentation finished
Timer timer.device timer arosunits
ASL asl.library asl arosunits
DiskFont diskfont.library diskfont arosunits
GadTools gadtools.library gadtools arosunits
IFFParse iffparse.library iffparse arosunits
Mui muimaster.library mui arosunits
Workbench workbench.library workbench arosunits Rewrite Done
Icon icon.library icon arosunits Rewrite Done. Dokumentation finished.
other AROS related units
Unit Name Link to Unit Package Remarks
InputEvent inputevent arosunits some constants and types for input processing
ClipBoard clipboard arosunits easy handling of clipboard
TimerUtils timerutils arosunits helper function for timer
TagsArray tagsarray arosunits Helper functions for tag handling
LongArray longarray arosunits Helper functions for open parameter functions