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Installation of Free Pascal on a MorphOS machine

You need:

  • an MorphOS machine
  • MorphOS 3.0 or better
  • much RAM
  • official MorphOS SDK
  • binary release of FPC-MorphOS


  • Unpack the archive file to a folder where you like to have the installation
  • Create an assign FreePascal: to the pp folder (for example in s:user-startup)
  • Add the binary location to path Freepascal:bin/powerpc-morphos (for example in s:user-startup)
  • if you do not want to create an assign you can also edit the fpc.cfg and fp.cfg and add your personal path directly there

Crosscompile from Linux

This section describe how the freepascal compiler with all units can be created under a linux system. This could be important if you start without a working freepascal at MorphOS.

  • A working linux system (CPU is not important, i386 and x64 tested other platform might work)
  • A freepascal compiler for this linux (Version = 3.0) (e.g. at Ubuntu/Debian apt-get install fpc)
  • You need a the MorphOS binutils (TODO: source/manual)
  • Get the latest freepascal source
  • A folder fpc is created with the sources inside, change to the folder
cd fpc
  • Now everything is set for make the compiler, we choose zipinstall to create directly a packed version fpc-3.1.1.powerpc-morphos.tar.gz
make zipinstall CPU_TARGET=powerpc OS_TARGET=morphos
  • now you have a complete archive with the MorphOS Free Pascal compiler with all units and some utilities