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== The carbidge bin ==
== The carbidge bin ==
* [[Wiki related]] - Some wiki related links
* [[Wiki related]] - Some wiki related links
* [[Free Pascal Wiki]] - Official Free Pascal wiki page preparations for http://wiki.freepascal.org/
* [[Introduction to AROS]] - Short FAQ for those new to AROS.
* [[Introduction to AROS]] - Short FAQ for those new to AROS.
* [[Creating a crosscompiler]] - An attempt to setup a crosscompiler for windows
* [[Creating a crosscompiler]] - An attempt to setup a crosscompiler for windows

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Welcome to my FreePascal for AROS page.

It's my intention to use this page to put up some unsorted thoughts, codesamples etc. that eventually should arrive somewhere in the main wikibook but require a bit more thought on were the best location could be.

I will also use this page to experiment with the wikibook formatting and other related stuff (as i'm fairly new to all this wiki-stuff).

All in all, this page would be mostly used as a testing ground and carbage collector :-D

A little about me

I'm an old time Pascal user, that started writing Pascal when it was still called Turbo Pascal (later to be named Borland Pascal, Delphi etc...). Most people back then used a C-compiler to get their code running for MS-DOS, as where i choose to use Pascal (i'm a bit hard-headed).

About two/three years ago i got (more) involved into the AROS project, and was very thrilled to see that there was a fpc compiler available. For people not knowing: One of Freepascal's playgrounds back in the days was the Amiga computer (back then FreePascal was still called FPK pascal).

So, i decided to give the porter/maintainer of FreePascal for AROS (ALB42) a little help here and there. I've tried his ported FreePascal and it runs fairly well and is already capable of creating full-fledged AROS programs. Alas, it's not all a fairytale as there are still things missing and bugs have to be conquered (not to mention that AROS is still a WiP and so things tend to change over time).

Hopefully i will be able to contribute further to this project, as i think it's very exciting.

Free Pascal - AROS in trunk

As of august 2014, support for AROS was started in FPC svn trunk.

ALB42, together with the tremendous help of Chain-Q, started to add support for the three main amiganoid operating systems (Classic AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS and AROS) and getting the RTL and support-units on par amongst each other.

Because i thought it would be a good idea, i add here a link to list all the packages and their status. That way it should be easier to detect who is working on what, and which things are already working (or not possible to implement at all for amiganoid).

The carbidge bin

External Links