Trinity in Trouble

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Feel free to add delete or change status.

Our trinity consist of Amiga, AROS and MorphOS.

Unfortunately, there are (still) some incompatibilities and/or some lack of consistency here and there. The idea is to have a lost here that mentions them all. Layout may change, i simply had to start somewhere.

NOTE: No use to mention the Tag, Tags, Taglist, etc. inconsistency and additional incompatibilities that causes. We are all aware of those and will hopefully get some unity in the future

List of issues

  • DoMethod, platforms don't follow autodocs 100% and are implemented inconsistent amongst platforms. Amiga version even seems missing.
  • ASLRequestTags, missing in AROS
  • Hook structure, AROS, entries are not IPTR rather APTR.
  • GetAttr, Amiga and MorphOS uses a var for ReturnValue while Autodocs state it to be a pointer. AROS uses a pointer.
  • SetAttrs, seems missing for Amiga.