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Known Bugs and strange Features

Problem: Pathnames

  • especially relative pathes <-> absolute pathes.
  • Many programs in aros are just recompiled from unix/linux, that they are able to work there are functions to work with unix style pathnames some programs even support both methods.

Example: parent dir in AROS = "/" Unix Style root: "/" so if my program get a "/System/abc" this could mean:

  • one dir up then folder "System" and folder "abc" (treated Amiga style path)
  • System:abc (treated as Unix style path)

Its impossible to say which one is right.

Bug: Not enough memory

  • After a while working with fpc/ld and so on you will get strange behaviour of AROS. Programs will fail with "Not enough memory" even Avail shows much free space.
  • It's not completely clear whats the problem here, seems some kind of memory leak or open handles which blocks Aros to this state - needs to be inspected.

Inconsistencies: library functions

In ASL unit there are two functions defined for Allocating a requester 1) AllocAslRequest [1] (which is the varargs version) and 2) AllocAslRequestA [2] (which is the tagpointer version).

But both SDK [3] and Aros [4] documentation states that AllocAslRequestTags is the varargs stub and AllocAslRequest the tagpointer version.

Note that there is no mention of an AllocAslRequestA() function at all. FWIW: this inconsistency was introduced in original Amiga units long time ago, mainly because ASL Author didn't follow 'normal' stub function naming.