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This topic is about static linking against AROS sdk libraries/objects with FPC compiler.

First let's take this moment here to inform that the acquired information and results could not have been obtained and created without the really fantastic help and support provided by AROS developer Deadwood. We can't thank him enough for his patience and shared knowledge. Also a big thank you to Chain-Q for helping us through this process by implementing new calling mechanism support in FPC for AROS.




In the process of experimenting with this topic different approaches were taken in order to achieve results.

It is always a bit of a difficult spot to give a name to something that was recently accomplished as the mind is still full of impressions focused on accomplishing a single goal, thereby losing oversight of the bigger picture (so in case reader has a better name for them, please feel free to suggest). So, at first idea i describe the different approaches:

  • Method 1: controlled linking with FPC
  • Method 2: 'Abuse' AROS' default startup/linking system

Linking Method 1

For a practical example see ...

Linking Method 2

For a practical example see ...