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So, you might perhaps wonder why on earth someone would use/create his/her own set of units instead of using the default distributed units. There are a couple of reasons behind that choice:

  • I started working on my own units while i wasn't even involved or met/spoken ALB42. All i knew is that the old standard default amiga (classic) units were/are incompatible with AROS api.
  • i disliked (and still dislike) the current naming scheme.
  • I wanted to make sure i got units to be AROS compatible asap
  • i need(ed) a playground to peacefully test new added functionality without disturbing anyone else. The naming scheme i use, as well as making changes (only) in my own set of units would make sure i wasn't and aren't bothering anyone else with my testing-havocs. (yes, this is all still a WiP).

Although perhaps not all mentioned reasons are as valid today, i am glad i've made that choice back then. It allows me to track down bugs/incompatibilities, experiment all i want and also provided me with other usefull information to share with others.

So, here they are: a list of units i am currently using (minus some experimental units i'm currently working on). I put them here mainly for others to see so that others won't waste time creating their own (although if you want, then be my guest). Simply drop me a message if you are really interrested. If you want to create your own set of units, then be aware that there is more to it then meets the eye (really). In that regards, it would be more helpfull to give ALB42 a hand with checking/verifying current distributed units.

Be aware though, that most units listed here, aren't 100% checked yet (also code written doesn't follow ALB42's current implementation) and therefore will not be released into public, as i currently am unable to give any support for those units whatsoever. When i'm confident that they work 100% and obey current distribution rules, and ALB42 is interrested, then i will release them for inclusion in the main distribution of Freepascal for AROS.

A list of my libraries/units:
Unit Name Corresponding AROS FPC-unit name Unknown Unknown Remarks