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Installation of Freepascal on a AROS i386 machine

You need:

  • a fully installed AROS i386 ABIv0
  • developer tools (try to type ld in a shell if you get "ld: no input files" then everything is ok) should be included in all major distributions. If not you have to download the nightly iso from AROS page open it and copy the Developer folder to your System:
  • binary release of fpc-aros-i386

Before installing

If you want to install the FreePascal from the archive and choose not to install it over an existing installation of FreePascal (as can be found on distributions like Icaros), then you have to make sure the existing installation is 'deactivated'.

You can check where and if an current installation is present by opening a shell and type "which fpc" (without the quotes) and pressing enter. If this prints a result then a current installation of Freepascal is 'active'. If you type "path" (without quotes) and press the enter key in the shell, you could see the currently active paths. If you see a path which looks similar to Device:Drawerx/drawery/fpc/bin (especially the last part fpc/bin) then this path should be removed as well. In Icaros this can be done by editing the file s:icaros-sequence, and look for an entry that looks like "PATH Device:Drawerx/drawery/fpc/bin ADD".

This entry needs to be either removed in case you choose the Easy Way of installation or changed to where you installed FreePascal when choosing the Expert way of installation.

Easy way

Easiest way to install it, but you get a mix up of the C Developer files of AROS and the Freepascal files.


  • Unpack the archive file to RAM:
  • Copy the contents of the folder pp to Development: (in most cases it points to System:Development)
  • open shell and type fpc if you get help for fpc then everything is ok

For Experts

Better way of installing freepascal to an own folder with all files included, but needs some more work and understanding how AROS work.


  • make sure you removed all other/older fpc versions from the path
  • Unpack the archive file
  • in the folder pp all freepascal related programs, libaries, object, units and examples are included
  • make sure the PATH is pointed to the bin Folder
  • edit the bin/fpc.cfg and change all -FU:Development:... to your pathes
  • if you want to use the FP-Editor you have to do the same changes in fp/fp.cfg