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Unit amigalib is a unit that has its origin in Classic Amiga amiga_lib headers.

The Problem

Functions declared inside unit AmigaLib are primarily dictated by their c counter part on the underlying platform (plus some additional helpful routines that we can use ?).

On Classic there are c headers for amiga_lib, on AROS there are the alib headers, while on MorphOS we have something similar also using alib headers.

As usual, none of the available c headers offer any kind of unification, making a big mess of things when attempting to transfer to Pascal. AROS alib complicate things even further because alib was heavily expanded there, overlapping most of the functions declared in classic Amiga unit sysvartags.

Since (currently) none of the available AmigaLib units contain all function implementations, there is room to toy around a little and attempting to organize the big messy pile.

In order to do so, you can find a very large table, that contains all functions declared in their c counterparts that originates from their c-headers and which theoretically all belong to unit AmigaLib. The fact that some functions are not available on all supported platforms does not really matter as much.

The goal of the table is to provide information on where the functions originate from, and be able to decide into which Pascal unit they need to end up.

Note that implementing all functions inside the same unit poses the same difficulties encountered with classic Amiga unit sysvartags. There are some questions that requires answering before able to continue with this unit (See Below).

AmigaLib Table